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Head Strong


Are you training to slim down? Training to bulk up? Training for a competition? Training to boost your overall health? Training because you’re addicted to training?!…We all train for different reasons. And because our bodies are different, we expect different results.

This post isn’t meant to take up your time reading a 3000 word article on the psychological characteristics of fitness enthusiasts (try Google, I’m sure there’s plenty of literature out in cyberspace). No, the point of this post is simple: Whatever your reason for training…hold on to it, squeeze it, sleep with it, dream about it, and then train harder.

Nobody is saying you have to be a professional athlete. Not all of us will be. But it doesn’t mean we can’t take our training seriously. I personally believe in the fully functional CrossFit training style, and I’ve witnessed people of all types and backgrounds accomplish their goals through CrossFit. So while I endorse CrossFit, more importantly, I endorse physical fitness and encourage everyone to commit themselves to physical training.

Find your reason for training…then go TRAIN!