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Custom Modular Racks

Nu Era Fitness searched high and low to find an equipment manufacturer that produces quality modular units at extremely competitive prices. Nu Era Fitness has recently partnered up with FitQuest, an up-and-coming equipment manufacturer dedicating countless hours and resources to designing, developing, and producing the hottest new equipment pieces on the market.  They specialize in modular units, producing two different series specifically; the Spartan Series stand-alone racks and the Trojan Series wall-mount racks. Several add-ons can be integrated with both of these units, including dip-bar stations and muscle-up stations for quick, safe, and sturdy solutions to beefing up your unit.

Everyone knows the importance of functional movements to fitness.  When it comes to outfitting your “BOX” or Garage Gym with fitness equipment, that same functional principle holds true. By integrating many of your equipment needs into one system, you will save valuable floor space and, oh yeah, a lot of money. This line of modular fitness racks are built tough by Crossfitters, for Crossfitters.  We know what you need because we need the same thing.  The modular design allows you to start small and easily add sections as your Box grows.  With a rock solid base of operation for your workouts, you create a centralized gym core that not only consolidates space but also increases efficiency, effectiveness, and unit cohesion. Modular units are the perfect solution whether you are working in a small garage or want to maximize the open back wall of a warehouse gym. We have many add-ons like dip bars and muscle-up stations.  And with endless ways to modify the basics, these racks are likely to become Grandmas’ favorite as well as the Hulks’!

Nu Era Fitness also features FitQuest’s line of benches, squat racks, squat stands, sleds, and an evolutionary “plyo box” that will change the form, fit, and function of today’s industry standard.  It is fully adjustable, sturdy, compact, and an incredible addition to any home gym or mobile unit!  Save space and money by checking out this piece of equipment! It’s a Nu Era of Fitness…so grab the equipment you need and start training today!